Scott M. Schmidt | Atlanta | Pricing



All advertising work - including campaigns, product and portraits - is invoiced as a day rate based on the needs of my clients. A day rate includes all creative fees, pre production and production. Post production and usage licenses will be invoiced separately as part of a standard agreement.  

Day Rate - $1,000.00

Post Processing Fee - Varies per client's needs.

Standard retouch - $20.00 per image with a minimum of 5 images.

High end retouch and compositing - $100.00 per image with a minimum of 3 images.

Usage - 1 year included in day rate with an additional $400.00 a year per image after 1 year. 


Headshots and Portraits

Headshot and portrait photography sessions are a minimum of 1 hour. If needed, travel and post processing will be invoiced separately. 

Corporate Headshot - $100.00 per person (discounts for groups of 5 or more)

Theatrical Headshots - $100.00 +access to printing invoiced separately.

Executive Portraits - $200.00 per person

Group Portrait - $500.00 with minimum groups of 5. Includes a -$50.00 discount for individual portraits or headshots.



Non-advertising product photography (small business or retail) will be invoiced based a creative fee plus hours spent and images delivered. Product photography for catalog purposes is invoiced based on creative fee, quantity of product and images delivered.

Product Photography base creative fee - $150.00

Per hour - $50.00

Standard Retouch - $10.00 per image

High end retouch - $25.00 per image

Catalog on black or white only - $10.00 per item +creative fee

Catalog on both with and black - $15.00 per item +creative fee